3T develop new aerobar for Cervelo P5

Integrated bar may be offered aftermarket

Cervélo's striking new P5 and the tri-specific version's innovative Magura RT8 TT hydraulic rim brakes have earned the lion's share of the attention so far but another key piece of the puzzle is a second joint collaboration, this time with 3T. The Aduro integrated aerobars are exclusive to Cervélo for now, but that will soon change.

3T claims its new Aduro integrated aerobar to have the "lowest drag coefficient of any aerobar available today". Part of that is obviously due to the profiles of the setup's various cross-sections but also a bit of data garnered from wind tunnel testing.

According to 3T, testing showed the lowest drag numbers when the carbon fiber elbow pads were set either directly on the base bar or precisely 5 centimeters above it — intermediate positions or offsets greater than five centimeters increased drag, though it's unclear by how much.

3T claims its new Aduro aerobar is the most aerodynamic setup currently on the market

Given that fixed offset, 3T built a one-piece V-shaped carbon fiber spacer that's lighter and more structurally sound than multiple stacked aluminum blocks. A bridge connects the extension bases for extra stiffness and, naturally, cable routing is fully internal.

Along with multiple armrest width and fore-aft positions, the telescoping extensions can be adjusted for length and 3T will offer different extension shapes to suit rider preferences and governing body guidelines. Speaking of which, 3T says the Aduro is fully UCI-legal.

For now, the Aduro is exclusive to Cervélo's P5 but it's a 3T component and could be make available aftermarket with some minor modifications. Projected pricing and claimed weights are unavailable at this time but based on the current Ventus II LTD flagship, we expect the Aduro will weigh around 700g and cost well upwards of US$1,000.

The fully carbon fiber construction includes a removable cap that serves as both the access point for the wires and cables and the mount for the optional V-profile spacer

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