Panaracer release Cedric Gracia signature tyres

By James Costley-White | Thursday, January 21, 2010 9.10am

Flamboyant French downhiller Cedric Gracia has teamed up with Panaracer to produce a range of signature tyres, and the first two models are about to hit shop shelves.

The XC 2.1 is an all-rounder that's designed to work as well on a cross-country loop as on a four-cross course, and has Gracia's CG logo worked into the tread. Claimed weight is 670g.

As the name suggests, the 4X/AM 2.35 is aimed at harder hitting all-mountain and four-cross riders, and should even be suitable for light downhill use. Claimed weight is 810g.

Both feature Panaracer's new Combo compound, where the knobs have a soft, "marshmallow-like" core surrounded by a hard coating that's designed to increase durability and rolling speed, and protect against punctures.

RRP for both tyres is £40, and they should be available this week. Look out for reviews in What Mountain Bike magazine and on BikeRadar soon. Six more CG designs are in the pipeline (including UST versions), which should be ready in time for this autumn's Eurobike trade show.

Panaracer cedric gracia 4x/am 2.35:

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