K-Edge Garmin Computer Mount£35.99

CNC-machined jewelry for your Garmin Edge computer

BikeRadar score4.5/5

K-Edge's first attempt at an out-front mount for Garmin's quarter-turn Edge computers was a CNC-machined, anodized and laser-etched piece of industrial art. Stout and even adjustable for length, it was ultra-secure but the interface needed refinement. This latest version keeps everything that was good and fixed everything else, yielding what is hands-down the nicest aftermarket Garmin mount available – as long as you're willing to pay for it.

K-Edge retained most of the CNC-machined construction, as as before, it's absolutely rock solid with zero flex when you're pushing buttons, but the design has been slimmed down and refined. Gone is the old length adjustment – we didn't think it was necessary anyway, plus it added weight – and in general, the edges are more gently beveled all around. Mounting bolts for the 31.8mm-diameter handlebar clamp now come in from the bottom, too.

  • Pros: Gorgeous upscale aesthetics, solid CNC machined aluminum construction, silky smooth injection molded plastic computer interface insert
  • Cons: Still pricey

The biggest improvement comes with the new molded plastic computer interface insert. Though some might miss the fully CNC-machined aluminum construction of the original, this new modular design is better as the computer fits nearly as securely as before but the motion is far silkier and smoother. Garmin owners also will no longer have to worry about sharp aluminum edges gradually shaving away the mounting tabs (although in fairness, it's not something we noticed with the old mount anyway).

While the original k-edge mount used a machined aluminum computer interface, the new version uses an injection molded plastic insert that still fits securely but feels far smoother. alternate mounting holes allow the insert to be rotated 90 degrees when using garmin's forerunner 310xt or 910xt gps units, too:

K-Edge now uses an injection molded insert for the actual computer interface for a smoother feel

Should you be running one of Garmin's more outdoors-oriented Forerunner 310XT or 910XT models, you can even rotate the Delrin insert 90 degrees for a landscape view.

Actual weight is 32g – just 1g more than the original K-Edge model but 10g heavier than the Bar Fly 2.0.

As before, the k-edge garmin computer mount places the computer screen roughly inline with the stem - just where it should be:

Bottom-entry bolts and more cleanly beveled edges yield a more elegant aesthetic than before

K-Edge's latest effort is the nicest aftermarket Garmin Edge mount on the market if you're willing to pay the premium for its machined-in-USA aluminum construction and the unbeatable solidity that comes with it. If you're running an electronic transmission (the Bar Fly 2.0 has an integrated control box mount) or simply don't want to spend that kind of money, though, the Bar Fly 2.0 is still the better option overall.

James Huang

Technical Editor, US
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