B'twin Rain Jacket 7 review£64.99

Great value and good quality

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It's hard to argue with the quality of the B'twin Rain Jacket 7, especially at this price – the seams are well sealed and we could see very little in the way of costcutting measures. 

It's a medium weight jacket, but the material is breathable, and that's backed up by venting across the back and two foot-long zip pits, zipping from the top, for increased ventilation. 

It uses plenty of reflective materials on the arms and has a slightly odd asymmetric band across the chest and back, but the quality of the taped seams was equal to that on much more expensive jackets – they were very neat with no bobbling even where the seams meet. 

The reasonable price is acheived party by the speccing of very few pockets – there is just one large rear pocket – but there are no obvious shortcuts elsewhere. 

We did have our doubts about the styling – it's not exactly cutting edge, and certainly won't be to everybody's taste, but considering the price, we can put vanity aside.

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