Pedla Long Haul bib shorts

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BikeRadar score 4.5/5

An enjoyable ride can be quickly ruined by an ill-fitting pair of cycling bibs – a good, comfortable pair should be first on the kit list for any cyclist looking to rack some miles up.

Long Haul bib shorts from Australian outfit Pedla fit snugly into the latter category, providing excellent comfort and support without any standout negatives.

They're made from Italian-sourced M.I.T.I. fabric. Pedla states that this provides a high level of muscular support and aerodynamics, and that the Long Haul bibs have been built without budgetary corner-cutting. After a few months of testing, the signs are good – there is no sign of wear or degradation in comfort.

Still looking new even after months of testing

Fitted with a 3D Endurance chamois from specialist Cytech, the padding is generous yet conforms to the body without resistance. For the few people who prefer a thin, race-style chamois, this one may feel a little hefty – but we think that most riders will be extremely pleased by the thickness of the padding at the sit bones, and the way it tapers off to a more flexible density.

The fit of our size small sample is spot on. The mesh bib straps offer enough stretch that you don't feel like you're being pulled down into a hunched position when you're standing tall, yet there’s enough tension for them to remain comfortably in place when you're on the bike.

Silicone grippers keep the legs in place

There are Pedla-branded silicone grippers at the legs, which hold them snug without causing discomfort.

The bibs' black colourscheme mean they complement a wide range of riding gear, and the matching jersey creates a subtle yet stylish kit.

With a single strap at the back, the Long Haul bibs breathe and wick respectably well too.

Note: Pedla doesn't currently have any retail partners outside of Australia, but it does ship its products internationally

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