Bolle The One Premium helmet review£109.00

Road headgear with a Swiss army knife's-worth of extra features

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Bolle’s first bike helmet aims to cover all bases. The Premium model is an aero helmet with two removable covers, an LED light that fits into the back, a sunglasses garage and optional mountain bike peak.

There’s also a trapper-hat-like winter lining, and a QR code sticker that anyone with a QR reader app can use to access your details in case of emergency.

Bolle has certainly been bold with The One. With the two large vent covers in place, it’s completely enclosed at the front, save for the glasses garage ports. The rear cover hides the seven vents on the top of the lid but all the rear exhaust ports remain open. Our large sample weighed 366g complete, or 290g without the sturdy covers.

The rear cradle has two vertical positions and dial adjustment. When fully wound down it feels extremely comfortable and keeps the lid stable.

On the bike The One is unobtrusive and quiet but with the covers fitted isn’t the most airy – even in cool spring air. The internal pads cover much of the front half, leaving you with a warm brow. With the covers off, lots more air hits your scalp, but with no internal channels to draw the heat away, cooling remains limited.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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