Bar Fly releases two new Garmin computer mounts

New niche models address integrated cockpits and fi'zi:k stems

Bar Fly has announced two fresh mounts for newer Garmin computers such as the Edge 810: one for integrated road cockpits and the other specifically for fi'zi:k R1 and R3 stems. Both use the company's latest two-position, Di2/EPS-friendly 2.0 interface for what we expect will be a secure, positive, and very clean-looking setup.

The new Bar Fly Spoon makes use of the standard accessory interface built into the underside of most integrated bar/stem combinations such as the PRO Stealth Evo, Deda Alanera, FSA Plasma, Cinelli Ram-2, and MOST Talon – simply attach the Spoon with two bolts and you're good to go.

Installation of the fi'zi:k-specific mount is slightly more involved, as it requires removing the faceplate, though both models yield a supremely clean and tidy setup with no visible clamps or hardware.

Both models share the same retail price of US$29.95/£29.95/€29.95. 

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