Beacon Bikes 2014 - first look

Road, cyclocross and TT bikes in off-the-peg and custom build options

Beacon Bikes is a three-part business, and all three parts work together to offer "something different" to the world of road bikes.

First up are the bikes. The range is based around four road frames, as well as a time-trial and a cyclocross frame.

All of Beacon's bikes are carbon, with the road frames ranging from the do-it-all BF_60 to the race-spec BF_100. Each frame comes in two colour options, as well as numerous off-the-peg and custom build options, which include Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo groupsets. 

The second element is their concept store The Fell, based in Whalley, Lancashire.

The store feels more like a boutique than a bike shop. Beacon didn’t want to swamp the floor with loads of bikes and kit, and so everything has its place and is displayed in a simple, effective manner. Their bikes take centre stage, but are joined by clothing, parts and accessories from a range of higher-end brands such as SiDi and Zipp.

Finally, there’s ProTool Cycleworks. The guys at ProTool have spannered for the likes of Team GB, as well as numerous pro road teams. Currently they’re the Rapha Condor JLT team mechanics. ProTool’s input is in building the bikes to order, providing a bike fit service to customers who visit the shop, and offering bike maintenance to Beacon customers.

BikeRadar visited Beacon late last year to see its bikes and setup, and came away impressed with the company's attention to detail, not just in the bikes, but also in the service and the retail experience.

The Bikes


The BF_60 is an all-round road bike designed for those looking to progress their riding. The £1,299 fixed-spec bike comes with a SRAM Apex groupset and Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels, with a yellow/black or red/white colourscheme. It’s worth pointing out that the graphics on the frames are painted, as opposed to decals.


The BF_70 is billed as a sportive bike, and for £1,599 you get a Shimano 105 build and Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels. Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels are an upgrade option, while the BF_70 can also be built up with SRAM Apex for £1,480 or Campagnolo Athena 11-speed for £1,999. We’ve got one that should be appearing in Cycling Plus magazine's Bike of the Year feature, on sale 3 March.


Next up is the BF_80, a super sport bike sitting between the sportive BF_70 and race BF_100. The BF_80 shares the higher grade carbon used on the BF_100 so has a lighter frame than the BF_70. We’ve tested a £2,649 BF_80 with Campagnolo Chorus and Fulcrum Racing Quattro 35mm wheels – look out for a full review soon. Shimano Ultegra and SRAM Force builds are also available for £2,349 and £2,249 respectively, and there are upgrade options on wheels and groupsets.


Top of the road range is the BF_100, which is ready to race with its light weight and racy geometry. Build options are the same as the BF_80, but with Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels, and prices range from £2,649 to £3,049. Again, upgrades on groupsets and wheels are available.


The BF_45 is Beacon's cyclocross bike. It starts at £2,449, with a Shimano 105 groupset, Hope hydraulic brakes and a choice of either Fulcrum RED Power XL or Mavic Crossride wheels. Campagnolo Athena and SRAM Red options are available for £2,699 and £3,499 respectively, and you can also upgrade the brakes if you wish.


Last but not least is the BF_55, a time-trial bike which has already been raced to a high level in prestigious TT and triathlon events. £2,699 will get you SRAM Force and Mavic 50mm Cosmic Carbone SLS wheels, while (and there’s a theme appearing) there are Ultegra and Force options available for £2,799 and £3,099. Further wheel and groupset options are available too.

See the Beacon Bikes website for more information on any of these bikes. The Fell, Beacon’s shop can be found in Walley, near Clitheroe in Lancashire. 

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