BH Bikes 2015 road range - first look

Ultralight Evo, G6 Pro and Quartz Disc

While many brands were bunkering down and preparing for the 2014 Eurobike product show, BH Bikes invited the BikeRadar Australia crew to get an exclusive first look at what’s coming from the Spanish brand in 2015.

There was plenty to see in the updated performance road range, with both the Ultralight and aero G6 models receiving significant carbon layup changes and feature tweaks. In the endurance range, the Quartz now has a disc-equipped sibling.

Ultralight Evo

For 2015, the new Ultralight Evo builds on the previous Ultralight platform. Its frame weight has been reduced by just over 50g, and BH claims the frame now weighs less than 700g for a medium size.

The 2015 bh ultralight evo takes the previously succesful ultralight platform and refines it further. pictured is the australian-spec bh ultralight evo dura-ace di2 11sp (us$tbc / au$9,799 / uk£tbc)  :

The 2015 Ultralight Evo Dura-Ace Di2 (Australian spec)

This weight reduction was achieved through an improved carbon layup. The Evo still uses the same mould as previous generations, so external appearance, tube shapes and geometry remain the same. With this, the well received frame stiffness and ride quality should be the same as previous incarnations.

The guys at BH Australia were quick to point out that this weight figure is backed by a lifetime warranty and no rider weight limit, something many of its competitors can’t claim.

Front shifting should see a small improvement thanks to a new full-carbon front derailleur mount that's said to offer greater rigidity.

Additionally, the Di2 battery mount moves from the left chainstay to an internal seatpost mount, which we're happy to see based on our recent impressions of the 2014 BH Ultralight (in Australian Dura-Ace spec). This change of battery position is also present on the 2015 G6 and Quartz platforms.

Looking over the Australian versions of this bike, the 2015 BH Ultralight Evo Dura-Ace Di2 11-speed (US$TBC / AU$9,799 / £TBC) – the equivalent of the version we tested – seems to have corrected every issue we raised, so props to BH.

G6 Pro

Building on the 2014 aerodynamic road-going G6, is the G6 Pro. It boasts a weight reduction, improved frame stiffness and aerodynamics, direct-mount brakes and enhanced shift quality.

The bh g6 pro may look the same as last year's g6, but along with new brakes, there's plenty of updates going on internally. pictured is the australian g6 pro dura-ace 11sp di2 (us$tbc / au$9,599 / uk£tbc):

The 2015 G6 Pro Dura-Ace Di2 (Australian spec)

Like the Ultralight Evo, the G6 Pro reuses the previous mould, but a reworked carbon layup helps reduce frame weight by 80g – a medium frame has an impressive 860g claimed weight. Part of this weight reduction is also achieved through HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Moulding), which, according to BH, gives a perfectly clean internal surface with no wasteful material left inside the tubes.

BH also claims an increase in rear end and head tube frame stiffness, along with improved shifting performance thanks to the refined internal cable routing.

Tucked behind the bottom bracket, here's a closer look at the new chainstay mounted shimano direct-mount rear brake :

A closer look at the direct-mount brake position on the chainstays

Shimano Direct-Mount brakes now feature front and rear. The rear brake is mounted underneath the chainstays, like on the Trek Madone.

While exact aerodynamic performance figures weren’t available, we suspect they will have improved based on the changed brake position and the removal of the chainstay Di2 battery mount.

We found the Australian-spec G6 Pro 105 (US$TBC / AU$3,899 / £TBC) particularly interesting – this Shimano 11-speed 105 equipped bike has an identical frame to the pro-level models.  

With all these changes, we’re excited to review one soon.

Quartz Disc

The new Quartz Disc takes last year’s performance orientated endurance platform and adds in disc brake compatibility.

The 2015 bh quartz disc is a performance-infused endurance platform. pictured is the australian-spec bh quartz ultegra disc (us$tbc / au$3,599 / uk£tbc):

The 2015 Quartz Ultegra Disc (Australian spec)

The Quartz series borrows design features from both the G6 and Ultralight platforms. It receives similar head tube profiles to the aerodynamic G6, but has slender and compliance-inducing rear tube profiles that resemble the Ultralight. Sharing the same oversized BB386EVO bottom bracket as the Ultralight and G6 models, the Quartz offers a large junction for pedalling efficiency.

Compared to the race focused models, the Quartz offers a more relaxed riding position with greater frame compliance. Frame weight is kept to a competitive 950g (for the medium size).

Standard quick release on the back meets the rear disc brake:

A tucked disc brake mount means no chance for heel rubbing or damage in case of an accident

The disc brake mounts come in the form of low-profile post-mounts, with the rear placed on the chainstay. Despite the new disc brake frame, rim brake mounts still feature at the rear, while the front fork is disc-specific.

Just as we've seen from some other brands (such as Giant, with its 2015 Defy platform), the Quartz does not make the move to thru-axles. Instead BH has stuck with standard quick-releases front and rear. The rear axle is 135mm wide.

Like the G6 Pro and Ultralight models, all cables are internally housed, with even the front and rear brake lines routed through the fork and chainstays respectively.

The standard rim-brake equipped Quartz series continues for 2015 – the only change is an internal Di2 battery position.

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