Boardman AiR/TTE TT bike in wind tunnel testing - video exclusive

By BikeRadar | Tuesday, January 28, 2014 9.30am

The Boardman AiR/TTE was released at the end of last year and was the crown jewel in a completely revised Boardman Elite range.

Check out the video of the development team testing the bike in the Southampton wind tunnel.

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Video: The Boardman AiR/TTE in the wind tunnel

The bike has some pedigree: its forerunner, the Boardman AiR/TT was developed by a team that included Dimitris Katsanis, who designed the Team GB Olympic bikes, and Boardman himself headed up British Cycling R&D, so it’s a fair shout that the bike's wind-evading properties are first class.

We’re told Boardman and company's R&D team – dubbed B56 – were frequent visitors to the Southampton wind tunnel during the bike’s gestation. The result? A claimed four percent reduction in drag over the AiR/TTE.

Chris Boardman, cofounder of Boardman bikes said: "The all-new AiR/TTE project has been an exciting project for the R&D team here at Boardman and is an example of our holistic approach to design as part of our B56 Special Projects Dept. We’ve taken the Kona winning AiR/TT and developed the incredible AiR/TTE with impressive results – in a world of marginal gains, four percent is massive."  

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