Shimano introduces new road disc brake standard

‘Flat Mount’ developed specifically for disc-equipped road bikes

Shimano is rolling out a new disc brake standard specifically tailored to disc-equipped road bikes.

The new standard, known as Flat Mount, was developed in conjunction with leading road bike brands as a dedicated road-specific disc brake mounting system.

Claimed benefits of Flat Mount over the current 74mm post/direct mount and 51mm ISO mounting standards include a cleaner, integrated design, with no visible mounting bolts; a direct interface with the frame and fork for better alignment; and improved tool access to the rear brake caliper for brakes tucked between the seat- and chainstays.

Shimano states that the system is backwards compatible with post-mount brake calipers with an adapter.

Details on the new standard are limited to two grainy CAD images

No word on which companies will be adopting this new brake mount. Stay tuned for more information.

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