Verve Cycling teases 2014 power meter - first look

By David Rome | Monday, December 16, 2013 8.00am

Verve Cycling is set to launch its new power meter, the InfoCrank, in early 2014. From early indications, the Western Australian company, founded earlier this year, seem to have a competitive product for the crowded power meter market.

Sharing a visual cue with Stages Cycling, the InfoCrank places strain gauges at the crank arm – but Verve claims that’s where the similarities end. The aluminium crankset has been built around separate left and right load cells, which provide individual leg feedback. Verve make the bold claim that no calibration will be required – ever. The factory pre-set power meters feature automatic temperature compensation and integrated cadence sensors into each arm.

One of the people behind the design is Richard McAinsh, a veteran designer of the motorsport industry and more recently the cycling industry. McAinsh’s resume includes names such as Ferrari, Benetton Formula and, most recently, 3T Cycling.

Using ANT+ protocol, the InfoCrank will be compatible with popular Garmin Edge, Magellan Cyclo (Mio) and similar head units. Verve will be offering their own head units for those who don’t already own a compatible ANT+ unit. The crankset will use the proven Praxis Works LevaTime chainrings and bottom brackets. Pricing is expected to be AU$2,000 (US/UK prices are TBC), with first units available in the first quarter of 2014 and an official release at Sea Otter.  

BikeRadar spoke with Verve Cycling’s marketing director, Wayne Evans (also a respected cycle coach, UCI rider agent and Satalyst Giant Racing team manager). Wayne said the InfoCrank is by no means a hurried design, in fact it was originally contracted by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) who wanted a benchmark product to ensure the accuracy of other devices. Verve Cycling is now preparing its first production offering, while the AIS continues to use a two-year-old prototype as the market litmus test.  

Details on the 30mm bottom bracket spindle are vague, but we are told it will be compatible with BSA (English thread), BB30 and PF30 frame styles. A 24mm compatible variant is expected closer to the middle of year.


Bilateral power measurement

Integrated cadence sensors in each arm

User-replaceable batteries

Over 500 hours battery life

ANT+ transmission

Sub-800g total unit weight

 Praxis Works Levatime cold-forged chainrings – 50/34 or 52/36

110mm BCD five-bolt spider

170, 172.5 and 175mm crank lengths

150mm Q-Factor

IP7 waterproofing

Verve Cycling’s website is currently under construction, but you can follow their Facebook page for updates.

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