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Saracen is a UK bicycle brand specializing in mountain bikes. The company was founded in 1987 and was an early sponsor of legendary World Cup downhill racer Steve Peat.

UK bicycle and accessories distributor Madison acquired the brand in 2008. Since the change in ownership, Saracen has introduced several new models, including the value-driven Myst downhill bike. The company also created a development team composed of riders under 21. In addition to mountain bikes, Saracen also has dirt jump, BMX and urban bikes in its line.

BikeRadar's Saracen page brings you the latest news and reviews of Saracen products such as the rough and tumble Zen X and the budget-friendly Mantra and Myst.

If we had to label it  we d call the Arvo an endurance focused disc braked road bike

Saracen Avro
£1799.99 3.5

Tough sportive machine from home-grown mountain bike specialists

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