OneUp launches world’s longest travel dropper post

New short-stack 90mm post for gravel and kids' bikes also launched

OneUp dropper posts

OneUp has released its longest 240mm-travel dropper post, enabling you to lower your saddle further than previously possible. The Canadian company claims the post’s drop is unrivalled because it has the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any post with the same travel.


In addition, the brand has also released a 90mm dropper that it claims to have the shortest total length, insertion length and stack height on the market. The British Columbia-based brand says this option suits extra-small bikes, children’s bikes, gravel bikes and any bike with a short seat tube.

The 240mm length is the longest-travel dropper post on the market compatible with most bikes. The Eightpins NG2 just beats it with 258mm of travel, but it will only fit one bike – the Liteville 301 MK15.

The 90mm post costs £199.50 / $199.50 / €239.50 and weighs a claimed 388g, while the 240mm length is $229.50 and a claimed 668g.

The remote for each post costs $59.50 and weighs 31g or 41g for the shorter and longer option respectively.

OneUp dropper post remote
A click of a button sends the post higher or lower.

The best dropper posts are almost essential for confident descending on any vaguely technical trail riding, allowing you to drop the seatpost at the touch of a button on the handlebars.

Once the preserve of MTB racers, dropper posts have been widely adopted on mountain bikes. They are now popping up on the best gravel bikes too.

Lowered 90mm OneUp dropper post
How low can you go? Very low.

The 240mm-drop post is designed for riders taller than 6ft (183cm) or using a frame bigger than size L. The longest OneUp post available was previously 210mm. Using a shim, the 90mm post can also be adjusted down to 70mm.

Both post lengths are available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm-diameter seatposts. The 90mm length weighs 377g / 388g and the 240mm length weighs 648g / 668g respectively. Only the 240mm dropper will fit 34.9mm seatposts and weighs 812g. This should allow frames with narrower-diameter seatposts to be upgraded to longer-travel posts.

240mm OneUp dropper post
Loftier riders now have a post to fit their bikes.

Although Fox’s Transfer SL dropper post is available with a mere 50mm of travel, it doesn’t feature ‘infinite’ adjustment points. Instead, it has a compressed and raised position.

OneUp says both the 90mm- and 240mm-travel posts’ total length – the distance from the bottom of the post to the middle of the saddle rail clamp, including the actuator – and stack height – the distance from the bottom of the dropper collar to the middle of the saddle rail clamp – have been minimised.

This is because longer-travel posts are not compatible with all bikes, due to limitations created by the bike’s seat tube.

As a result, its posts are more likely to fit your bike, the company claims. For example, it says a OneUp 180mm post has a shorter total length than every 170mm post and even some 150mm posts.

240mm OneUp dropper post
OneUp has tried to reduce stack height on all its posts.

A shorter stack height should remove the need for you to manually drop the post to get low enough on descents. This is because your bike can accommodate a longer-travel post.


The 240mm dropper posts are on sale now and the 90mm length will be in summer. Increased bushing overlap is new to the longer post and both posts now have sealed cartridge caps.