Empire Cycles and Slik Graphics

By Doddy | Tuesday, September 16, 2008 11.00pm

I won't go in to detail now as I'm in the middle of writing a detailed Superbike piece on this very unique bike, but here's a quick look at it- in all its beauty...

Stands proud...: empire- quality.

The frame is in three peices- the rear swingarm, front end and seat mast, all of which are cast from a super grade Aluminium derived from the Aerospace industry. It's construction is flawless- almost technical perfection. 

Bright and bold: quality graphics

Check the construction: moulded in 3 pieces...

Out back are some very neat and easily adjustable drop outs, housing a 135mm wheel...

Adjustable drop outs: adjustable drop outs

The action happens here- the needle bearing equipped main pivot. Note that it's a high pivot, offering a rearward axle path to absorb square bumps properly. The high pivot is tamed by a chain idler that allows a pedalling action like a low-pivot bike.

High pivot=

Graphics are very tidy are are designed by Slikgraphics.com- they have that great moto look about them, are easily applied and look brilliant. Slikgraphics also make after market graphics for just about every bike application. Here's some Saint stickers to go on the AP 1 to cover up the horrible wear that most quality cranks seem to show these days.

Regular and custom: regular and custom

And after: www.slikgraphics.comBefore: before

Owen from Slikgraphics also sent me some Steve Peat style graphics for my helmets- they look rad eh? More from Slikgraphics soon...

They're practically perfect: i love 'em...You'll see me coming...: flying the flag..And my new the lid: very peaty ish, eh?One more for luck: make any lid look pro with graphics from www.slikgraphics.co.ukClose up...: close up...The graphics blend in perfectly...: colour matched

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