I'm feeling a little bit picked on...

Forget politicians and serial killers - public enemy number one rides a bike.

What do you think about Parrisgate? Sadly, of course, this is nothing to do with Par(r)is Hilton, but rather a ridiculous article written by Times columnist Matthew Parris over Christmas in which he called for cyclists to be decapitated. I only found out about the piece after a posting on the forums here, but upon reading it I coughed up a mince pie and wrote a letter of complaint to the section editor at the Times. (I rarely complain, so I must have been angry...). A lot of you did the same, and a load more went further and contacted the Press Complaints Commission. 


Parris has apologised - sort of - and we can all sleep easy in our beds again. Or can we? It isn't just Parris. Remember this blog? http://www.bikeradar.com/blogs/article/a-clear-and-present-danger-13018 

Or how about this from Motorcycle News? 


Then there's Timeout - http://www.timeout.com/london/features/2897/1.html - Blimey, we're unpopular. It gets worse The Guardian's cycling writer Matt Seaton had a quite reasonable pop at Parris and, judging by the number of moderated posts on the forum that follows received some less than complimentary comments.  http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/matt_seaton/2008/01/parris_je_ne_taime_pas.html

If I were the worrying type - which worryingly I am - I'd be worried that everybody hated me as soon as I pulled on my Lycra and straddled my bike. I could get a bit depressed about it all in fact. 

You know what I need to do? Yep - go for a ride!

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