Jamer and Ric's Snowdon Bikes

By Ric McLaughlin | Thursday, August 7, 2008 4.00pm

When it comes to features, everyone knows MBUK has it sorted but an up-coming adventure had us stumped as to what bike to ride.

The challenge was simple, ride/push bikes up Britain's highest peak on a blissful summer evening then razz down like wild-men for our snapper. Pretty simple you'd have thought, wrong!

Automatically you think of our DH bikes, in some cases up to nearly nine inches of lush travel and perfectly geared for speed. However, pushing a big bike all the way up Snowdon would be an absolute chore and there is going to be a good bit of pedalling to be done.

From the videos we've seen of other people attempting it it looks unbelievably rocky up there and some parts are going to be flat out gnarly. Those are not the sort of thing that skinny tubed, short-travel XC bikes excel at...

So after a few phone calls and a bit of spanner waggling, this is what we've come up with. 


I've gone for the awesome Commencal Meta 6. I've been riding it a good bit lately and reckon it's the perfect bike for the task. Pedals well and doesn't weigh too much. I've bolted on a Race Face D2 stem, Kenda Excavator tyres and some daft 800mm FSA Gravity bars. I'm not convinced about the bars yet but I'll give them a go! Also, I'm on flats for this!


I was going to brave it and take my Scott Genius for this but didn't want to get left for dust by the rest on the way down. Quick phone call later and I'm on a Scott Randsom. Full carbon, light as you like and really adjustable. The forks that came on it were knackered though so on went my trusty Magura Wotans. I've also got hold of some Gusset Magnesium Slim Jim pedals too.

Do these choices sound about right to you? What would you go for?

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