Marc’s Whistler blog at the Garbanzo downhill

By Marc Beaumont | Tuesday, August 12, 2008 9.09am

Garbanzo is what I can only describe as the hardest thing I have done on a downhill mountain bike, so here I am a year on signing up for the race again. The course goes from the top lift (Gabanzo lift), and takes around 40 minutes to get to the top using two lifts.

The course is made up of nine different trails on the way down containing some of the most gnarly sections I have ever seen.

Practice is really strange because it’s so long you feel like you are just cruising along not really pinning sections like you would at a normal downhill race. It's a hard task to remember all the course, it has it all; gnarly roots and rocks, jumps, fast and slow sections, flat sections, uphills... it really is an epic!

Practice went quite well for me, I felt like I had a rough idea where to go and was looking forward to it, my run was going pretty good, I got really tired about ten minutes in and wanted it to be over. You sort of break through that and come into a second wind towards the bottom.

When I crossed the line I went into the lead, there were a few guys left to go behind me. I sat it out for a while only to be knocked out of the hot seat by Gee Atherton, one man left to go, Sam Hill. He could not beat Gee's time either.

So I got third! Well happy with my day’s work. I would advise anyone who is up for a challenge to race the Garbanzo, if only once!

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