Hermès partners with Time on chic city bike

By BikeRadar | Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11.00am

We thought Shinola's recent US$4,500 limited edition urban bike was expensive. But the bike has just been out-priced by a carbon town model, built for Hermès by French bike maker Time. This bike will sell to the ludicrously rich for €8,100 or about US$10,900

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Hermès Horizons – the division of the Parisian label that usually designs the interiors of private jets and luxury cars – will start stocking two models of the 11kg (24lb) 8-speed, disc-braked carbon fibre bikes in their stores from October.  

Hermès' input appears to have been some bull-calf leather accoutrements, including the saddle, bar and grips.

François Doré, head of the Hermès Horizons, said choosing a local manufacturer was important: “We set out to make a real bike, not a decorative object. It had to be simple, efficient, easy to use, pleasant and elegant."

Time, based on the outskirts of Lyon, are developing a habit of making kit to be re-badged for other brands. If you're after a set of new Mavic pedals, they are Time-made too.

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