Trek urban, recreation and kids' bikes for 2015

New city bikes, children's rides and plenty of colour

Trek has launched several new bikes recently, including the 10lb Emonda, the women’s Silque road bike and an updated Fuel EX range. There's also new and updated bikes in the  family, urban and utility ranges, as shown at the Trek World Australia event recently.

For 2015, Trek will offer plenty of fresh colours, some smart electronic integration, more children’s options and some new tourers.

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Urban bikes

The FX series is a staple of Trek’s range, and is built for fitness riding, combining city-bike comfort with road-bike speed. The top-end models (options TBA), including the 7.7FX, have a new ISO-speed equipped carbon frame – similar to that of the popular Domane – for greater comfort.

More basic models continue with aluminium frames, but all receive Duotrap S compatibility, an add-on, semi-integrated speed and cadence sensor that is both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ compatible.

Much of the urban and fitness range is now compatible with the duotrap s system. a wireless speed/cadence sensor that is both bluetooth and ant+ compatible  :

Many of the bikes now feature Duotrap S compatibility for speed and cadence tracking

The DS (Dual Sport) hybrid series continues with 700c wheels, front suspension and disc brakes on most models. These bikes are ready for off-road paths as well as city riding.

The 8.6 DS is one that caught our eye. It has a fancy polished look, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano SLX gearing and handlebar operated hydraulic suspension lockout. All DS and Neko (the women’s version) models have Duotrap S compatibility too.

The headlight beams from the head tube and the lights are controlled by buttons underneath the top tube:

The Lync features integrated lights

The Lync is an all-new urban bike with integrated rechargeable lights. The god father of mountain biking – Gary Fisher – liked that this series simplifies the process of buying a bike, in that it’s just ready to roll.

The bike features built-in lights front and rear, which run off a central USB rechargeable battery. The front light is in the head tube, while the rear lights are placed at the dropouts on both sides, so they don't end up being covered by pannier bags. The buttons for the lights are underneath the top tube, and the battery clips into the down tube. Other features include Bontrager’s new Blendr stem dock for fitting smart-phones or similar, and full-coverage mudguards at both ends.

Introduced last year, the CrossRip continues as a commuter built for speed. The dropbar, disc brake equipped series is ready for a range of riding from fast commuting to long road rides, or, if you swap out the tyres, off-road riding or cyclocros.

The Adventure series has grown for 2015. The steel-framed 520 continues, and there are also new models that serve specific purposes in the booming touring market, including the 920 Disc and 720 Disc models. The 920 Disc is built as an off-road tourer, with an aluminium frame and carbon fork, drop bars, large 29in tyres, SRAM 2x10 mountain gearing and sturdy racks front and rear. Similar to the 520, the 920 Disc has bar-end mounted shifters in the form of SRAM 500 TT units.

Lightweight road touring is booming, and for that trek has the 720 disc. the disc braked aluminium frame and carbon fork is designed to offer the handling and speed of a road bike, but with lightweight touring capability:

The 720 Disc is a new lightweight road tourer – the production front bag straps look nothing like those pictured

The 720 Disc is the road-focused equivalent, and has traditional road geometry and a lightweight aluminium frame. It’s built for fast-paced road touring. It features a new lightweight dry-bag system that places waterproof bags on either side of the fork.

This Shimano 105 equipped model features standard road shifters matted to TRP HY/RD disc brakes.

The chelsea 9 is a stylish urban bike for women. it offers basic 9-speed gearing, a solid basket and even a carry handle in the frame for geting up stairs. this model will retail for au$899:

The Chelsea 9

Trek calls its new Chelsea range a “sexy mashup of style and function”. This neat women’s bike features a carrying bar in the centre of the frame, along with a sturdy basket on the front, with a U-lock holder. For the men there is the District models, which offer a similar style-infused bike that looks ready for urban utility. All models have disc brakes and simple rear-only shifting.

Entry-level mountain bikes

Originally highlighted in our Trek Fuel EX preview, Trek is moving its entry-level models to what it's calling ‘Smart Wheel Size’. Simply put, if you ride an extra-small or small frame size you get 27.5in (650b) wheels, while medium and larger sizes get 29in wheels. It certainly simplifies the 'which wheel size' decision.

The x-caliber 7 is a bike we tested previously and loved. for au$999 it has plenty to offer and looks even better than the model we tested:

The Trek X-Caliber 7 gets a RockShox front fork

The X-Caliber, a bike we rate highly, has had its range reduced in favour of more expansive Marlin options. On the women’s side of things, the Cali range is also reduced to make way for more Skye options.  

26in wheels aren’t totally dead yet – they still appear on the most basic (and cheapest) Skye 26 and 3500 Disc models.

Kids' bikes

The krx is a road bike for the young ones. based on the madone aluminium series, this 26

The new 26in wheeled KRX

The new KRX is a small road race bike with an aluminium frame, based on the adults' Madone. It’s recommended for ages 10 to 12 and has 26in wheels with 1in wide tyres, cantilever brakes and Shimano Sora gearing. It looks ready for the crit track.

The girls get one too, in the form of the neko. both the dual sport and neko will sell for au$569:

The Neko is a girls' hybrid bike, aimed at ages 8 to 12

There’s also now a Dual Sport for kids 8-12 years old, featuring 26in wheels (adults get 700C) and disc brakes – this little rigid hybrid could be perfect if you’re looking for a speedier kids' bike than the usual suspended mountain bike option. The girls' Neko is a smaller version of the adults' Dual Sport bike.

Click through our gallery above for a more in-depth look into the Trek 2015 range.

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