Women's bike sizes - a simple guide

Find the right mountain bike, hybrid and road frame size for you

What size bike should I buy? It's a common question that women have when considering a new bike. That's why we've created a simple women's frame sizing guide on BikeRadar, divided into tables for road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. 

Choosing the correct frame size can be confusing, especially since recommended frame sizes vary between manufacturers, models and disciplines. Some local bike shops and independent dealers provide bike fitting services and will help you get the best set-up. If you are going down this route, then it won't hurt to be armed with a little more information.

These bike size charts are designed as a general overview only, so make sure you test things for comfort and safe handling yourself, and consult each manufacturer's sizing guidelines before making a decision on which bike is suitable for you. 

Women's road bike size guide

Women's road bike size guide:

Women's mountain bike size guide

Women's mountain bike size guide:

Women's hybrid bike guide

Women's hybrid bike size guide:

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