Abus Granit Xplus lock £64.99

Quality, dependable U-lock

BikeRadar score 5/5

An old favourite, the Xplus has many superb features – a parabolic shackle shape, and a square section shackle and double bolt lock mechanism that eliminates any chance of twisting. Clever ideas implemented with the best available materials. 

In test one, using the armoury of your average thief, our bolt croppers were not only beaten by the Granit, they were broken too! After five minutes of hammering and attacks the Xplus still worked perfectly.

The lock mechanism is protected with hardened steel, which blunts a hand hacksaw, and the shackle resists this type of cutting just as well.

Moving onto the power tools, our angle grinder did cut through the Xplus in 59.8 seconds, but under attack from the regular bike thief the Xplus is more than enough. It's a very usable size and a reasonable weight, and a simple but clever bracket is included too.

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