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Pace RC80 bottom bracket

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"Use this once and you’ll ask why all bottom brackets aren’t built like this"

Monday, December 28, 2009 4.00pm By

Living in the wet, gritty north of England, the clever chaps at Pace Cycles know how quickly poorly designed kit can fail. They've designed this new external bearing bottom bracket to have user-serviceable bearings, making it almost unique, as most others are designed to be ridden until knackered and then thrown away.

With the RC68, bottom bracket servicing is not only possible, it’s actually easy. You simply remove the cranks and the bearing shields, clip the small, plastic grease injection port into the hole vacated by the axle and then use a gun to pump grease into the plastic injection port.

This directs the fresh grease to the bearing, forcing out the existing old grease and with it any impurities and/or water. When fresh grease appears, oozing out through the exposed bearing face, you know you’re done. Remove the injector, refit the bearing shields, wipe away any excess grease and refit the cranks. Job done.

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