RockShox Revelation XX Dual Air 150 fork£689.99

Revelation gets refined

BikeRadar score3.5/5

For 2010, the Revelation has been refined into a far slicker fork. We rode the top of the range XX model with a 20mm Maxle through-axle.

The improvements begin with the magnesium lowers, which now have brake post mounts, and continue with a PowerBulge – as seen on the Lyrik fork – and 150mm (5.9in) of travel.

Suspending the fork is RockShox's excellent Dual Air spring, allowing independent adjustment of the positive and negative air chambers. The right leg houses the XX’s compression-damping unit, while a red knob on the bottom of the leg alters the beginning stroke rebound. The end stroke rebound is speed sensitive.

The remote hydraulic compression adjustment unit is Matchmaker-compatible for integration with Avid brake levers. Motion Control (low speed compression) is adjustable via a barrel adjuster and lockout via a button.

Once dialled in, the Revelation is fantastic. Its air spring still has that pneumatic feel, but it’s the most supple and consistent action we’ve felt on any air fork. Damping-wise, the Dual Flow rebound allows sufficient control to be dialled in without the fork feeling dull.

Although we’d like to see more adjustment on the Motion Control, its action was faultless and very convenient. It’s £90 more expensive than the Team Dual Air fork with the Black Box dial on top of the fork though.

Hydraulicpushbutton lock outand motion control adjustment: hydraulicpushbutton lock outand motion control adjustment

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