CrankBrothers Eggbeater 3 pedals review£95.00

Neat classic pedals

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The original Eggbeater pedal developed a loyal following thanks to its open mud-shedding design and easy-to-get-into four sided action. But it had its detractors due to a needy servicing habit and delicate disposition.

Last year its bearing system was revamped, and the good news is that the change has worked. Even after extended use the new pedals are going the distance and demonstrating a higher degree of durability than previous models.

The pared down design aesthetic that starts many a flirtation means you have a very small pedal – and even though it’s easy to get into, it takes some getting used to. Even with our stiffest soled shoes we had the feeling of having a ball of ice underfoot.

While we know that the extra float that comes with this setup is much loved by some, for us it meant false releases and overall, a less confidence-inspiring ride than either Shimano SPDs or the Time/Look lateral bar setup.

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