Black Pepper update unlocks further performance and customisation for Fazua-powered ebikes

New software for popular e-road and eMTB motor system

Fazua motor unit

Owners of bikes with Fazua’s Evation motor system will be able to unlock further potential from their bikes thanks to two major updates.

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The Fazua Evation system, which is popular on both road and mountain bikes, is often favoured for its low weight and impressive integration.

The ‘Black Pepper’ firmware updates promise improved performance and efficiency from the system, while new computer software gives updated level of customisation to the motor’s assistance modes.

Endurace:ON AL
The software comes pre-installed on Canyon’s first electric road bike, the recently announced Endurace:ON and Kinesis’ latest Rise electric mountain bike.

Fazua Evation performance and efficiency updates

A major benefit of the update is the way the motor delivers its power, according to Fazua, with the motor now working across a wider range of cadences. 

Riders can expect “noticeably more motor support” compared to the current software. The motor can now operate across a cadence spectrum spanning between 55 and 125 crank revolutions per minute.

Fazua Cadence new software comparison
Power delivery has changed significantly, particularly at higher cadences.

The graph above shows how the motor’s assistance has changed, with what appears to be significant improvements in higher cadence assistance. 

No matter if you ride with 60 rpm on a steep uphill on a mountain bike or with 100 rpm on a road bike, you will always get even assistance,” reads Fazua’s press material.

Quicker to respond, smarter power delivery

Fazua start response
Responsiveness appears to have been improved with the version 2.0 software.

Fazua says the motor’s response times have also been sharpened, meaning your crank arms will have to rotate less before the motor provides assistance. 

Power assistance modes have been totally revised too. The mode with the least power is known as ‘Breeze’ and is said to provide a constant 100w of assistance that as akin to a healthy tailwind.

‘River’ is the medium assistance mode, and it’s one that has been chosen to really reward a rider’s efforts. Fazua claims the motor offers progressive access to its output, meaning you’ll have to be cranking almost 300W yourself before you are rewarded with this mode’s 210W maximum assistance.

‘Rocket’ mode, as its name suggests, gives you access to the full default maximum assistance figure of 250W. The power comes in thick and fast, asking a little over 200W from your legs to reach its peak.

Fazua different motor modes
There’s now more differentiation between the three different motor modes.

Range improvements 

The motor software update is said to improve efficiency, which in turn should improve range.

Because of the massive amount of variables at play here, Fazua doesn’t put any statistics on the improvements, but instead provides example ranges for various modes and different riding styles.

In the medium River assistance mode, Fazua claims a 75km road ride with 1,400 vertical metres of climbing is possible, while the same setting should sustain a mountain bike ride of 50km with 600m of climbing.

In the more economical Breeze assistance mode, Fazua suggests the same road loop could yield 120km in range. Fazua is more vague on its Rocket mode, suggesting 850m of climbing assistance or 30km of range.

Toolbox 2.0 software for custom support modes

The latest Toolbox Software for the Fazua Evation system allows adjustment to the preprogrammed Breeze, River and Rocket support modes. 

Maximum power can be tweaked for each mode as well as the relationship between a rider’s physical exertion and the assistance provided. Response and acceleration can also be tweaked by altering the ‘Ramp-Up’ value.

Update compatibility and release

The update will be available on the Fazua website from 16 April, and is backwards compatible with all Evation systems.

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An update for the Bluetooth-enabled Fazua Evation remote is also said to be coming in the next few weeks.