Improvements to Fazua’s lightweight, fully integrated e-bike system for 2020

Unique removable drive system has been refined for 2020

Innovative brand Fazua walked BikeRadar through its unique mid-mounted drive system for electric bikes at Eurobike 2019.


With a claimed weight of just 4.6kg for the motor and battery combined, the Fazua is especially light. It’s also unique in that the system is able to disengage its motor via a freewheel, meaning it provides no mechanical resistance above the European legal speed limit for e-bikes of 25km/h.

This is made possible by positioning the motor in the down tube rather than the usual bottom bracket placement.

Should you want to rely on old-fashioned pedal power, a special hollow down-tube cover component can be installed that makes it possible to ride without the battery. The space within this component can even be used as storage.


Fazua’s new remote integrates within a bike’s frame and features just one button and five LEDs to present information on the battery and power modes. It’s significantly cleaner than Fazua remotes of old and can now integrate with certain lights.