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Best electric bikes reviewed: our favourite ebikes in 2021

We've picked the best electric bikes for you and your needs

Focus Paralane2 9.7 review

We’ve compiled a list of the best electric bikes that you can buy right now. Whether you’re looking for an electric mountain bike, electric road bike, a cheap electric bike or an e-bike to ride to work, you’ll be able to find the best one to suit your needs.


You can now buy an electric bike bike for almost any kind of riding. An eMTB, for example, can power you up the hill giving you more time to enjoy the downhills and let you ride in places that you couldn’t otherwise.

For urban scenarios, everything from electric commuter bikes to assisted cargo bikes are available. These are all about practicality and utility providing an alternative to other forms of transport.

Recently, lightweight systems, such as the Fazua motor, have been designed to complement rather than take over your efforts. Brands such as Lapierre and Focus are experimenting here, and we’re excited to see what kind of developments there will be in the future.

High-quality drive systems are also coming down in price every year, so a number of cheap electric bikes that are genuinely worth considering are also cropping up on the market. We highlight a number of these below.

Best value electric bike

Ebikes are notoriously expensive — the added technology of motors, batteries, electronics and sensors all add up to increase the cost significantly. That presents a significant barrier to entry.

However, some electric bikes provide a cheaper option to fulfil your commuting needs.

Gtech eBike Sports

4.0 out of 5 star rating
The Gtech is a top pick under £1,000
The Gtech is a top pick under £1,000
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
  • £995.99
  • Simple but effective design
  • Belt-drive
  • Reasonable 16kg weight
  • Removable battery unit

Gtech — yes, the brand of vacuum cleaner fame — rightly decided to keep things simple with its first ebike offering. That should make it an attractive option for those who are getting back into cycling or want a cheap entry into the ebike market.

That simplicity means Gtech has got it right with the details that matter. There are no glaring inconsistencies or problems with the handling or spec and the Gtech ebike has proved reliable during the extensive time we’ve spent testing it.

Best electric road bike

Though some people will decry an electric road bike as an abomination, we’re a little more open-minded.

Whether you turn it to commuting, or use it to keep up on group rides, an e-road bike can provide a versatile way to enjoy riding on your own terms.

This is a fairly new category, but there are manufacturers offering a range of interesting options. That’s especially the case with lightweight electric bikes that aim to complement rather than take over your riding, with a smaller motor and less battery capacity.

Bianchi Aria E-Road

4.0 out of 5 star rating
male cyclist riding teal road e-bike bike
The Aria not only looks and rides really well, but most people also won’t even realise you’re riding an ebike
Robert Smith
  • £4,500 / $6,500
  • Stealthy assistance
  • Great handling
  • Sleek looks

This power-assisted aero bike is blessed with the great handling offered by its unassisted sister bike, the Aria.

Like Orbea’s Gain, the Aria uses an Ebikemotion motor unit at its rear hub while the 250Wh battery that powers it is concealed within the frame’s down tube. This makes for a road bike that appears unassisted, at least to the untrained eye.

Despite its appetite for speed, the Aria isn’t a boneshaker on rougher surfaces thanks to 28mm tyres. The Aria works well as a bike, it just happens to have a 250-watt boost on tap.

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Bianchi Impulso E-road

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Electric road bike, e-bike
It might not be pretty but the Impulso offers a really impressive ride
Robert Smith
  • £4,400
  • Ideal for those who aren’t as fit or flexible
  • Punchy motor with impressive range
  • Mudguard and rack mounts open further options

Unlike the racy machine above, the Impulso is not much of a looker, but we were still very impressed with the ride of Bianchi’s Impulso E-Road.

More relaxed geometry and a higher front end make it a good choice if you’re a rider who is less able physically, whether you’re recovering from injury or a veteran looking to keep up with fitter riders.

The Polini bottom bracket -mounted motor system of the Impulso was another pleasant surprise, with plenty of power and an impressive real-world range.

Mounts for mudguards and racks mean this one will also make a great commuter bike.

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Focus Paralane² 9.7

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Focus Paralane2 9.7 review
With the motor removed the bike weighs just 11kg.
Robert Smith
  • £5,499
  • Modular Fazua motor can be removed
  • Clearances for large tyres
  • Resistance-free riding above motor assistance limit

The Focus Paralane2 was born out of the prototype Project Y electric bike, and makes use of the unique, removable Fazua motor. This minimal motor/battery system only weighs 3.5kg.

Remove the Fazua system and attach the included cover and the Paralane²  effectively becomes a standard road bike, with minimal resistance from the gearbox buried in the bottom bracket. Better yet, sans motor, it totals just 11kg.

The USP for the Paralane2 is that the motor is designed to work in tandem with you. The result is unobtrusive power delivery with a feel that puts you in control rather than letting the bike taking over.

We’d rather see tyres larger than the standard fit 28mm items, particularly seeing as this frame can accept 35mm rubber without issue.

Orbea Gain Carbon M20 MyO

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Orbea Gain electric road bike
Using Orbea’s MyO custom builder program you can upgrade the bike to your preferred spec.
Robert Smith
  • £4,718 (as tested)
  • Electric bike packaged with road bike looks
  • X35 hub-based motor
  • ‘Enough Power’ concept provides smooth and well-moderated assistance

When it was announced, the Orbea Gain was one of a host of refined looking electric road bikes that eschewed the bulky ebike looks in favour of something more streamlined.

The Gain is powered by a hub-based ebikemotion X35 motor, which is designed to complement rather than take-over your riding — take the sting out of efforts but not replace them entirely.

The lighter weight of the system means that the Gain handles much more like a traditional road bike, too.

Built for a grouptest we conducted last year, our luxuriously kitted out Orbea Gain Carbon M20 was configured using Orbea’s MyO custom builder program and stands as a great example of how far you can take things should you be fortunate enough to do so.

Totalling just 12kg / 26.5lbs, our plush example features an Ultegra build with also upgraded Cosmic Pro carbon UST wheels from Mavic. The result was a bike that was a joy to ride, even with the motor switched off.

We are also very familiar with more affordable versions of the Gain, having rode the alloy frame Gain D10 back in 2017, but the updated Gain D20 is effectively the same aside from some small finishing kit changes. There are also significantly more affordable options available that start from just £1,799.

Best electric gravel bike

Gravel bikes are still all the rage and although electric gravel bikes of them aren’t yet as popular, we are continuing to see more and more of these bikes with every model year.

They make perfect sense too, with riders able to head further and scale ground faster than with a regular gravel grinder.

Cannondale Synapse NEO SE e-road bike

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Cannondale Synapse NEO SE
The Cannondale Synapse NEO SE pairs smaller-than-usual wheels with plus 47mm tyres.
  • £3,299 / €3,799 / $4,400
  • SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain
  • Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor
  • 500Wh down-tube-mounted battery
  • 650b wheels with massive 47c tyres

If you’re spending your time predominantly off-road but want drop bars and the flexibility of a motor then this one’s hard to beat.

The Synapse NEO SE does things a little differently to most bikes in this list. Rolling on 650b wheels with massive 47mm WTB Byway tyres, the NEO SE is more gravel bike than road bike.

That’s not to say this machine isn’t sufficient on the road —  ­it’s very much capable of swallowing big miles on tarmac too — but its ability to monster truck off-road terrain is seriously addictive.

The 1x SRAM Apex drivetrain doesn’t falter when the going gets rough and neither do the matching hydraulic disc brakes. Bosch’s excellent drive unit provides generous assistance, even in its minimal-assistance ECO mode.

We managed to eke out in excess of 60 miles of power from the battery despite a test route that was almost entirely off-road.

Best electric mountain bike

An electric mountain bike can allow you to get out for a quick blast, propelling you uphill quickly so you can enjoy the descents. Or you can turn your focus on climbing the steepest, most technical slopes you can find.

The ability to cover ground quickly also means you can go out and explore places you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

These bikes also let you ride in ways you usually couldn’t, and as designs become more refined, the handling increasingly rivals that of conventional mountain bikes, leading to flat-out riding fun.

BMC Trailfox AMP SX

4.0 out of 5 star rating
BMC electric mountain bike
The Trailfox AMP SX is a burly beast that means you can go without the uplift.
Bike Connection Agency
  • £5,299 / €7,999 / $7,999
  • Fantastic suspension control
  • Very capable on flats, climbs and descents
  • Shimano E8000 motor system
  • A genuine uplift replacement
  • Well-chosen components

With its 170mm fork and 150mm of rear suspension, the Trailfox AMP SX is BMC’s burliest eMTB, and it’s an exceptionally capable one at that.

Exemplary suspension control, well-chosen tyres and intelligent tuning of the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor make this bike a joy to ride on the flats and even climbs

Fed by a 500Wh battery hidden in the frame down tube, the Trailfox was good for a 33.73km ride covering 1,700 metres of climbing and 12 descents of a downhill track — more riding than we’d ever have been able to have got in without the help of a motor.

Canyon Spectral:ON 8.0

The Canyon Spectral:ON will let you surmount any slope
The Canyon Spectral:ON will let you surmount any slope.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media
  • A bike that loves climbing steep and rugged terrain
  • Shimano STEPS E8000 motor system
  • Mismatched wheel sizes: 27.5in+ tyre at the back for grip and 29in at the front for steering precision
  • Solid, dependable finishing kit

Canyon was relatively late in releasing an electric mountain bike, but the wait was worth it and it has taken its time to develop this seriously capable piece of kit.

The Spectral:ON can push its way up the steepest, most technical slopes, and doesn’t disappoint when it’s time to head down again.

Somewhat uniquely (though others are catching on to the idea), this eMTB features mismatched wheels, with a 27.5-inch plus tyre at the back for improved grip and a 29-inch tyre at the front for improved steering precision.

The aluminium frame is powered by a Shimano STEPS E8000 motor, which we have found to deliver a very smooth and natural riding feel.

That’s coupled with competent SRAM EX e-bike specific gearing, SRAM Code R brakes with 200mm rotors to bring the extra heft of an ebike to a halt, and Fox suspension components.

Scott Genius eRIDE 900

The Scott Genius eRIDE offers excellent handling in an electrified package
The Scott Genius eRIDE offers excellent handling in an electrified package.
Markus Greber
  • £6,699 / €6,999
  • Shimano STEPS E8000 motor system
  • Long, low and slack geometry
  • Confidence inspiring handling and ride, one of the best we’ve ridden

We rode the Genius eRIDE 900 last year and came away very impressed by it.

Scott has fully embraced long, low and slack geometry which results in excellent handling on this bike and the non-assisted version.

Compared to the bike we rode, there are some component changes for the newest model, with a switch to SRAM Eagle gearing and a move to Schwalbe tyres. Thankfully, the supremely capable Fox Factory suspension has remained.

Crucially, Scott has addressed the only real issue we had and is now speccing 165mm (rather than 175mm) cranks. This should help ground clearance issues and let you rail the corners even faster.

Best electric folding bike

Folding bikes can provide the ultimate commuting practicality, allowing you to use multi-modal transport if your commute is longer than you can comfortably cycle

That compact size also helps with storage. Add a motor and you’ve got a really practical commuting solution.

Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric folds just as small as the original
The Brompton Electric folds just as small as the original.
  • From £2,595
  • Same classic and charming (unpowered) Brompton handling
  • Folds up just as neatly as the original non-electric Brompton
  • Removable, shoulder bag style battery
  • Front wheel motor effectively makes it an all-wheel-drive vehicle

The Brompton Electric bike has been long anticipated and in development for some time. The wait seems to have been worth it.

The Brompton Electric keeps everything that made the original, unpowered version such a successful bike — indeed, the frame is identical aside from additional holes to route electrics and it still rolls on nimble and durable 16-inch wheels.

That results in an incredibly smooth, power-assisted ride that works with you rather than against you. The front-hub based motor and ‘luggage-mounted’ battery do add weight, but it still folds up just as small as the original (with the bag removed).

Best electric cargo bike

An obvious area of potential for electric bikes is to help with hauling cargo — add the power of a motor to your spindly legs and you’ll be able cruise along carrying tens of kilograms of gear.

This is an application that we are quite excited about and one where we feel ebikes have real potential as a widely-adopted e-mobility solution.

Tern GSD

4.5 out of 5 star rating
The Tern GSD could be the cargo transporting, car replacing electric bike for you
The Tern GSD could be the cargo transporting, car replacing ebike for you
Russell Eich / Immediate Media
  • £4,000 / $3,999
  • One-size-fits-all, easy to ride small wheeler
  • 181kg carrying capacity
  • Bosch Performance Line motor
  • Can take two batteries to extend range

The Tern GSD could legitimately replace your car for most of your daily needs. It’s an unashamedly practical machine that, despite its odd shape and huge 181 kg load capacity, still handles very well.

Powered by a Bosch Performance Line motor, there’s more than enough oomph to get you (and your cargo) moving. You can even fit a second battery to extend the range if required.

The bike is full of practical details and comes with mudguards, lights, ergonomic grips, puncture-resistant tyres and other features that just make life easier.

Orbea Katu-E

The Orbea E-Katu is a dinky, versatile utility bike
The Orbea E-Katu is a dinky, versatile utility bike.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media
  • £1,899
  • Diminutively sized, urban utility bike
  • Durable 20-inch wheels
  • Quirky yet practical urban grocery-go-getter

The Orbea Katu-E is a diminutively sized cargo bike that convinced us with its quirky looks, good handling and versatile practicality.

Since riding this bike Orbea has moved to the reliable and powerful Bosch Active Line motor and internal gear hub, which has only made this a more practical and capable urban utility machine.


Other electric bikes that we’ve reviewed

Below is a list of several popular electric bikes that we’ve reviewed that are either no longer available for sale or did not reach the four-star cut-off necessary to be included as a best buy recommendation.

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