Tom Marvin

Technical Editor

Technical Editor Tom first clipped into a mountain bike at the age of 13, after his dad realised that the 'cool' looking supermarket MTB was probably a bit rubbish, and that building a bike from spares bought from the village bike shop would be a good father-son project. He's not looked back since. Over the years, Tom has worked on all our cycling titles - road and moutain. Never one to say no to daft ideas, in his time Tom has raced fatbikes for 16 hours across Lapland in winter, competed in a 3-day EWS qualifying enduro in Lesotho, worked out that shaving his legs saves 8 Watts in a wind tunnel, and has ridden gravel bikes through far too many Icelandic rivers. As a Technical Editor on our Testing hub he rides dozens of bikes every year, with a particular pechant for hard-hitting, razor-sharp handling trail bikes.

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