Mountain bikers: stand more often and be faster everywhere

Getting off your backside and up on your pedals is good for you

Getting out of the saddle more often will improve your technique

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Most mountain bikers don’t stand up much except for on technical trails, or when sprinting out of corners or during steep climbs. Getting out of the saddle more often can increase your ability by making you stronger and improving your pedal technique

Take opportunities where you can – on a long climb, stand and pedal with a smooth cadence for a given amount of time or distance. For example, you could stand up and pick your way steadily through a rocky section of fire road.

Video: stand up more often

Be careful not to bounce the suspension – your energy should be pushing you forward – and avoid a choppy pedal motion, which will make you lose traction. Stay fluid and keep your head up, and also go one or two gears higher than you would if spinning, which will give more resistance and help you pedal smoothly.

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