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Ric McLaughlin

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    That s a big box

    They only come round once in a blue moon but new bike days are one of the best bits of being a mountain biker. Our Ric pours himself a glass of off-road brandy, sits by the fire and reminisces…

    Got something sillier than these

    If you weren't called what you're called, what would you be called? Or something.


    It's been a busy couple of weeks at MBUK. We've been flat out sorting the '08 Preview issue, finding the most drool-worthy Christmas kit for our next couple of mags and eating complementary cakes so on Friday we decided to get out of the office for a bit...


    At MBUK Towers we're used to having lush pieces of top-end, spangly bike candy land on our desks. We get the odd bit of tat too but what the boys at the post room delivered to us the other day is pure cycling Marmite...


    It may be the onset of winter (shorter days etc), the re-opening of Bath's BMX track or the copy of BMX Bandits Doddy found at the weekend but the MBUK team are currently all about the old-school bicycle moto-cross banter!

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