Nukeproof Horizon 29er wheelset review

Tough rimmed wheels available in 650b and 29in

BikeRadar score2.5/5

On paper, the Nukeproof Horizon 29er wheels offer superb value for money. They’re available in 650b and 29in sizes, and all the major hub standards.

The WTB rims are a decent width (29mm internal) and tubeless inflation is trouble free with the included tape and valves. My 29er Boost set weighed 2,102g — not light, but not bad for the price.

On the trail, they feel tight, stiff and quiet when pushed hard into choppy turns. They’re not the comfiest or more compliant wheels, but the stiffness makes for a precise ride.

The six-pawl freehub emits a satisfying whir and engages quickly when power is applied, thanks to its 84 points of engagement. Along with that stiffness, this makes them accelerate more eagerly than their weight would suggest.

After months of regular use, the rims remain true, the straight-pull spokes tight and even, and the bearings smooth. I have had freehub issues, though.

My first rear wheel — from an early sample batch — was draggy when freewheeling. After a couple of months’ use, the pawls fell out when I took the hub apart, because the socket that held them on the freehub had split off.

Nukeproof sent me a second, production, wheelset, which had far less freehub drag. But after a few high-torque, pedal-punching efforts, the freehub body broke in the same way. Nukeproof says it's working on this, but if you like to punish the pedals, these otherwise excellent wheels may not be for you.

Seb Stott

Technical Writer, UK
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