Zwift reveals adaptable, focussed training plans

Train for events to increase speed or endurance, or to reach your own goal

Online training platform Zwift has just introduced a series of training programmes, developed in conjunction with coaches, designed to help riders reach their goals and fit in around a busy lifestyle.

Training plans are nothing new in the world of cycling, and Zwift itself has offered workouts for some time now. What is new about these plans in the world of Zwift is that they offer specific programs that work towards a particular goal, consisting of a series of workouts that build up in intensity as the individual progresses through the plan.

Choose the goal you'd like to work towards and the time you have available, and Zwift does the rest
Choose the goal you'd like to work towards and the time you have available, and Zwift does the rest

The nine plans currently on offer for cyclists cover a range of goals including sprinting, endurance and anaerobic breathing, plus training for events such as the Prudential Ride London 100 as well as grand fondos.

Zwift says the plans are suitable for amateurs right up to pro-level racers and there are three plans for runners too, which is good news for triathletes or anyone who wants to cross-train.

Users can choose the duration of the plan and Zwift will populate it with workouts developed in conjunction with several world-class coaches, according to Zwift. The benefit of this is clear if you're looking to get ready for a specific event such as a race or holiday, or just want focus on your workouts.

Flexibility and adaptability has also been built into the training plans. So, say you have x numbers of workouts to do in a week, but you're really busy with the day job or family or you need a rest day, each plan will give the user a time window in which to complete set workouts, rather than assigning it to a specific day. If the workout isn't completed within that time it becomes unavailable and the plan adapts to ensure the user gets the best results from the rest of the time available in that week.

The Companion App will help monitor progress
The Companion App will help monitor progress

“These plans are expertly developed, to allow you to reach your goals while remaining flexible enough to adapt to real world time constraints," says Eric Min, Zwift co-founder and CEO. "Sometimes life simply does get in the way! Like all Zwift experiences, our Training Plans are designed to bring more enjoyment to your training.”

Available now, Zwift users can find the plans in the 'workouts' section of the game. The training plans will integrate with the Zwift Companion App, with the app updating the plan as the user's fitness increases and will outline the upcoming training block. It also shows metrics such as current power in watts, heart rate and cadence — all useful information for riders working towards a goal. 

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