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Solid  supportive pedal  but prone to clogging with mud



The Force pedal from Powerplay is quite square, and that's noticeable under foot, it's a lot more solid and supportive than the similar looking offerings, a bit like the original Shimano SPDs all those years ago.

Cleats are tricky to fit  and can be hard to get  but these pedals offer plenty of durability and lo



Frog pedals have been around for ages with a few dedicated hoppers enjoying the way they do things arse-about-face by putting the spring mechanism (a teeny elastomer) as part of the cleat rather than the pedal.

Plenty of float and lateral movemet make these a good choice for anyone with dodgy knees



Time have been making clipless MTB pedals for almost as long as the 'inventors' Shimano but have followed a different path. These are a reassuringly basic pedal; composite body, steel pedal and spring axles.

Classic Time retention system in chunky beige body



With a cool camo graphic (it says here) but it looks rather, er, beige to us. Anyway what you do get is the classic Time mechanism inside a massive chunky aluminium platform.

Clipless pedals produce one of the most noticeable performance advantages for XC riding

The 'clunk, click' sound of clipless pedals marks you out as serious about your biking. Clipless pedals are the great unsung mountain biking innovation.

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