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Walking your favourite trails

How many times do we just ‘ride’ our favourite trails, often taking the same ‘safe’ line that we worked out long ago.

There s fear in those eyes

Do you think too much on your ride?

Wet weather friend

I’ve had some Scott waterproof shorts on test for the last few months, as part of my new and improved wet weather wardrobe.

Ring it

If we don’t have a working bicycle bell, and we manage to hit someome, are we liable? And would our insurance policies cover us?

Following the path less travelled

Thankfully, whilst out on a ride at the weekend, we happened to traverse the canal and suddenly a very local solution dawned on me – the canal tow path, of course!

Autumn colours

What you’re missing if you don’t get out and ride

I   ve actually gone up a size  not down

As 2009 looms large, hands up if your New Year’s resolutions haven’t been realised?

Sram X9   worth the extra

I got really excited when Matt said that it’s about time that I started some product testing – a wish list of Turners, Yetis, Ventanas and Lapierres came to mind, but Matt soon brought me back down to earth by suggesting that I set my sights lower. So, we hatched a sub £100 challenge.

Clean it up

Ah, the fabulous British Summer. I’ve been on holiday at home the last few weeks and it’s just so marvellous to get out and play on the dusty trails, with bike components working as contentedly as they were intended to...

Pushing the carbon dream

‘It’s not about the bike,’ as Lance Armstrong famously once said…and I can confirm this myself with empirical evidence.


If it's a Wednesday, it's likely that I may be out in Leeds woods, if the missus has given me an evening out pass. Last Wednesday it was a quick 2 hour hack round the ever drying singletrack with Badger and Yoda.

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