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TransWales report  Day two

Soul draining rain drowned both the trail and the riders’ spirits and turned the 67km linking stage into a non-stop battle of attrition, guts, and reserve.


Strip your riding experience down to the bare essentials and discover a fresh take on your local trails

Spank Chocolate Lock Grips



Need the perfect grip to match your chocolate Spank Subrosa rims, Spank's limited edition gold frames and bars or anyone else's Galaxy colour way kit?

The Garmin Edge provides both average and max data


This new GPS-enabled bike computer is a seriously addictive piece of hardware. For a start, there's no wheel measuring or cabling to faff about with.


There's been a revolution, blood has been spilt, and now a new era is being ushered in, says What Mountain Bike's Matt Skinner…




The Paramount Plus is Squire's premier bike lock, "designed and aimed to prevent the most severe attacks".

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