A year in Skins

And some Bionicon jam...

As 2009 bumbles through the festive period it's time to reflect on some products that have stood out for us this year. We've also just taken delivery of a random German condiment...

Firstly, I've been using Skins Cycle products for the majority of 2009 and have been nothing but impressed. Their shorts and tights offer up enough technology to have NASA quaking in their tin-foil lined underpants.

You get Skins' patented BioAcceleration Technology. It compresses your limbs just enough to help improve bloodflow which in turn cuts down on fatigue and helps prevent aches and pains the next day. It's pretty difficult to notice the on the bike gains but over a pint at the end of an all-day ride you quickly realise how fresh your legs feel.

The Multi-D Elastic Interface Technology (that's 'chamois' to me and you) is also superb. It's up there with the most comfortable things I've sat on and again, they shine on all-dayers. They last too, one of them has spent the best part of a year dividing its time between being underneath me and inside my washing machine and still looks and feels box-fresh. Mightn't smell that way though...

The Skins have held up to abuse manfully too and despite crashing my brains out in them now and again there's not even the slightest tear and all the logos are still happily in place. 

To sum up then, a fantastic product that lasts the distance and genuinely works. You can't say fairer than that.

In other news, Bionicon the German manufacturers of self-adjusting bikes have sent us a Christmas gift. It's a pot of non-self-adjusting jam.

Included with the jam was a set of typically Germanic instructions on how best to use it. Wunderbar!

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