Chablis, poached eggs in jelly, food the Dallaglio way.

There are some thick heads and dodgy stomachs as the Cycle Slam heads for the Peripherique...

Writing this on the bus on Monday morning as we make short transfer to Nangis and ride to Paris. North West following the Seine all the way to the Eiffel Tower.

I'm downstairs in sick bay (though not ill) with James from Pitch knocking out PR stories, and Adam and Henry trying not to knock out their dinner. Bad stomach upsets. Strange the rugby boys are ill, they've really been restrained all week (Is this right? Ed).

At the Grand Cru in Chablis last night we had poached eggs in jelly followed by sparrow. I am NOT making this up. What sort of cycling food is that?Adam again brilliantly hosted the evening, with the usual fines and yellow jersey awards. Bonzo and Jonny are legends. In a close girls' vote the Bonz sneaks home as most attractive man. Low standard this week.

The legendary Les 'Gandalf' Causton (59) gracefully and hysterically withdraws from the lycra 'c***-off' challenge. This all followed the surreal and bizarre induction of Lawrence into the Grand Order of Chablis Winemakers - or similar. Five blokes dressed as a cross between Freemasons and Greek orthodox ministers, presenting him with a tasting ladle on a ribbon. He looked like he'd won Jim'll Fix It. To his credit he treads the fine line perfectly between genuine respect and farce. Joanna is in tears.

Rugby player in booze shock!:
Rugby player in booze shock!:

Right at the end David Millar rings again (becoming a pest frankly) and puts Christian Vande Velde (Garmin Slipstream team mate) on who is charming and clearly had as bad a week as us. He's familar with my 'tachycardia' and says really cold water can shock you out of it. Let's hope no next time, but if there is I'll try it.

Dr Simon Kemp, doc at the RFU, is also with us, so in good hands. Anyway, the delights of Paris traffic today. Can't be worse than Genoa.

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