Fat mountain biker hits the wall

The last week has seen me struggling. I’ve been tired and feeling not right.

The last week has seen me struggling. I’ve been tired and feeling not right. Mostly I’ve just cracked on and done my usual “A complete refusal to look facts in the face will see us through every time” thing.  Just in case you don’t know that’s a blatant and shameless steal from Blackadder 4 and one of my favourite quotes from many from that great series. Digressing again...Sorry.

I had another weight plateau and this was after I’d cracked 100 commuting miles for the first time. I’ve stalled at 18st 12Ib. I know it’ll start shifting again but this feeling not right has also put a bit of a psychological damper on proceedings at the moment. Especially after the effort of getting my century in I’d hoped for a bit of a result weight wise.

My work involves me having to go to the odd meeting (suited and booted) and having to do the odd H&S inspection at various sites so I have yet to pedal in every day during the week, it is usually a 4 day pedalling week for me. Pedalling 4 days equates to 96 miles, so last week I decided to add on a few small loops to get me over the 100 mile barrier, this I did with 105 miles pedalled.

If you go to http://massivemtber.blogspot.com you can see footage of a bit of an extra loop I did on National Cycle Route 5 which passes quite close to my house. I don’t know if the extra effort to get a 100 in has caused me some damage or if I’m just afflicted by one of the many bugs doing the rounds. Whatever, I’ve decided to rest up until I feel better. Not sure of the wisdom of this yet as during my many abortive previous regimes me stopping has resulted in me not starting again. As this is a Monday I’m writing this, my plan is to be back pedalling on Wednesday come what may.

All things being equal, when you read this I’ll be back on the bike again commuting as usual.

One of the main motivations I have is reading the other blogs I know from the “fat bikers community” and via their comments pages I feel I’ve got to know quite a few of them very well. Their support is invaluable, especially at time like this when I can feel my Demons creeping up on me again. As daft as this sounds I know I’ll be back on my bike again as I don’t want to let them down. Plus they’ll be right on my case if I don’t!

With a battle like this (and it is a battle) you’ll take every bit of help you can, I have the total support of my wife and kids and the one or two close friends in the real world who know I’m doing this and blogging about it. But unless you’re in this position it’s difficult to understand the darkness that can hit you. The online fat bikers community understand only too well and know what’s required to get through it. Which is why I am an avid blogger. To me it’s a vital tool in what I’m trying to achieve. Let’s not forget it was reading a blog that got me started too. Ultimately it has lead to me doing this weekly blog on this website for my favourite mountain bike magazine. Strange how things work out.

A bit of a meandering essay this one, I guess it’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Not quite right health wise, a bit down in the old morale department but looking forward to getting going again. I knew when I started this fat-to-fit thing that there would be moments like this. The trick to success is how you deal with it. But now I have a load of new mates in exactly the same boat helping me along.

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