Inspect these gadgets..

I appear to have more computing power than the Apollo missions.

A Garmin Edge 705 with cadence and heart rate monitoring functions, Garmin Forerunner 405, Suunto T3C with bikepod (and HRM), Polar RS100 HRM, Nike+ for the iPod, Nike+ Sportband, Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Lap...Just reading out the list of electronic fitness aids currently cluttering up the second drawer down in our hall cupboard-type-thing wears me out...

I'm not entirely sure why but I can't stop buying sports gadgets. I'd have to be Dr Who – or enjoy an unhealthy obsession with chest straps – to make the most of so many heart rate monitors, and I can only go for one ride or run at a time so I don't really need so many devices that log how far and fast (or slowly) I've travelled. (And I'm not even including my ordinary bike computers here...)

The saddest thing, of course, is that I'm not sure I really need them at all. I've been pretty serious about fitness and training for well over a decade but have never really made any practical use of the information these things provide! I know all about MHR, WHR, VO2 max but I could be strapped to the world's most sophisticated piece of monitoring jiggery pokery and I'd simply ride as hard, or as easy, as my mood dictated. Sure I'd occasionally glance at the display and think, mmm, 182 no wonder this hurts...

So, for 2009 I've made a belated resolution...I'm going to get more gadgets! Well, it's obvious that I need a power meter isn't it?

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Rob Spedding

Editor-in-Chief, Cycling Plus, Cycling Plus Magazine
Editor-in-chief Rob has been pedalling Cycling Plus since 2007. His first proper road bikes were a Raleigh Sprint in the early 1980s and then a Trek 1000 in 1999. A former competitive runner, Rob has repeatedly threatened to become a competitive cyclist in every discipline from time-trailling to hill climbing to bike polo. We're still waiting.
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