Is bigger better?!

Fox's new V3R DH lid sizes up the competition...

Last season saw the trend for wearing MX lids in downhill reappear, but will it continue for 2010?

The theory is simple; MX lids are a lot safer as they're designed for high-speed impacts where-in your head may end up being the only thing left worth identifying. If you're one of the lucky few who also ride MX then it makes a lot of sense to get yourself used to riding one size of helmet.

Anyway, Fox have taken a punt and come up with something a bit different. The V3R is their latest top-end full-carbon DH helmet and is essentially a re-work of their ultra-successful V3 MX lid.

Venting and weight are the big differences and bring the V3R into the cycling bracket. You get ten intake ports and four exhausts and just as with the Troy Lee Designs D3, the moto-fit is a lot snugger. It's also fully certificated to CPSC and ASTM levels too so safety is right up there.

Compared to the benchmark Troy Lee D2 though, the V3R is visibly bigger although the weight is closer than you may think...

Anyway, we're off to throw ourselves down some hills in one so check out the mag for a full review soon.

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