Return of the Rampage!

Spy shots of the new Red Bull Rampage course...

It's had a four year break but one of the most iconic mountain bike events of all time returns this weekend.

Riders will start arriving this morning at the Rampage site near Virgin, Utah and will be greeted by some of the gnarliest jumps, gaps and drops we've ever seen!

The format is simple, there's a start gate and a finish gate with a 1,500ft drop in height between them. How you get down is your choice but the bigger the line - the bigger the glory.

Twenty eight of the world's best riders are set to do battle for the $25,000 prize cheque over the weekend with Saturday's qualifying runs halving the field for Sunday's final.

This looks set to be one of the most significant events in our sport for a long time. Since it's last running, Slope-Style has blown up and a new breed of trick-ferrets are looking set to do battle with some of the world's fastest racers on a landscape naturally designed for bike-breaking!

It may not have the 70 degree heat or moon-scape vistas of Utah but don't forget the Fat Face Night Ride in Scarborough this weekend.

There looks set to be 300 of the top UK and International DH riders pegging it down a man-made course through the towns streets! The event runs on Saturday and is an awesome spectator event and free to go along to. Don't forget your air-horns...

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