Saying goodbye to an old friend

My favourite item of cycling clothing has finally bitten the dust

Well, my favourite item of cycling clothing has finally bitten the dust. It was a Hind All Terrain short sleeve jersey. It served me well for nigh on 6 years of Spring and Summer commuting and trail riding. Above and beyond every other item of cycling clothing I have, it was the first I reached for during these months.  

So, what was so special about it? I was never a fan of the colour, but it was reduced to a mere £15 in a sale when I got it; it wicks sweat away well; and, it was casual in cut, with a minimal one zipped pocket design that never had any aspirations to hold and route an MP3 (as, sorry to say, I just think it’s plain stupid to cycle whilst listening to music).  

I blame myself for its demise.  For, you see, I’ve been lusting after other casual cut spring/ summer jerseys for a while, with the Mavic Notch heading my list of favourites (partially due to the fact that Hind don’t seem to be available on this side of the pond anymore).  This lusting for another was obviously too much for the Hind – out on yesterday’s ride, the zips failed simultaneously, trapping both me and my fuel.  It was a very sad moment, as I extricated myself from the grip of this former loved one.   

Got similar stories on your love for and/or demise of favourite kit? Let us know below.

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