Stage 1. Day 5. Dallaglio Cycle Slam. It's quite wet...

Rain is annoying the team. Wine is making them feel better!

Arrezano - San Remo 120km.

Rained. Unremittingly.   Freezing. Miserable. Wet through. Cold. Whole way. Beautiful view, allegedly. Never saw it. Numb feet. Hands too. Italian traffic. Dreadful. Drivers. Worse.

Arrived. In a car park. Raining. Restaurants all shut. Depressed.

And then we realise the shed in the car park is actually a cafe, and Massimo (and his mother), who runs Pian di Poma produces spaghetti ragu that you would kill for, washed down with a bottle of 2008 Dolcetto d'Ovado, and it doesn't seem quite so bad.

And the cafe fills up with some of the spectacular people off the trip - who sadly we say goodbye to tonight.

Now all gone Pete Tong. Still in car park four hours later....

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