We Survived Bikeradar Live!

A few random slices of Radar pie...

The MBUK Office is a lot tireder, sun-burnt place after our big weekend at Bikeradar Live.

We don't know about you but we all had a mint time hanging out and lapping up all the amazing riding and blisteringly hot sun. The most any of us managed after three days on site was a grand total of 7 hours sleep and it felt like every single meal included at least one portion of fried meat.

Issue 240 is going to be crammed to the gills of all the gossip, high-lights and reports from the show but to tide you over in the mean time here are some of our favourite 'unofficial' happenings;

- Danny Mac rocking the Animal Relentless Bike Tour; The bashful trials wizard must have been all too aware of the crowds weighty expectations of him after the success of his Youtube video yet still managed to stagger everyone. His drop from the 14ft high Animal motor-home was truly the stuff of legends check out the video here.

- Sam Ren destroying the Dirt Jump comp; With a final run that included a back-flip, a front-flip and a 720 the 17 year-old walked away with a massive smile and an even bigger cheque.

- The MBUK Eliminator; All of it. The dusty track was rocket fast and the racing was elbow-to-elbow. More vids coming soon.

- The Raleigh tent; As soon as the sun went down the Raleigh tent transformed into the Drum'n'Bass capital of Europe. Glow-sticks, a massive beer fridge and buckets (literally) of cider made it THE place to be.

Anyway, as I say, keep checking this 'ere website for more and more videos over the next few days along with the inside track in MBUK issue 240 (on sale 1st July).

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