What will Serge do?

Ellis Bacon's Interbike Day 1 report

Procycling magazine deputy editor Ellis Bacon reports from the first day of the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, where everyone seems quite excited about the possible appearance of a certain LA…

I dare say there are a few blogs buzzing around about Lance Armstrong right now. So here’s another one.

Love him or hate him, there seems to be a palpable sense of excitement about the Texan here at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. Would he join Astana? And now, with that news seemingly confirmed, what will Alberto Contador do? And will Armstrong turn up for tonight’s cyclo-cross event here in Vegas?

Valid questions, all, but I want to know who Serge – Armstrong’s old bodyguard – will now work for. Since Cadel Evans suddenly decided that he needed a bodyguard at this year’s Tour de France – and Serge stepped in – there simply aren’t going to be enough bald ex-policemen from Brussels to go around.

And then last night someone reminded me about Ivan Basso’s return. I’d kind of forgotten al about him… The Italian - back from his two-year ban - will be making his first appearance for Liquigas at the Japan Cup at the end of October, but what if he fancies getting a bodyguard too?

To be honest, I just feel a little sorry for the new generation of riders like Contador, Frank Schleck and Andy Schleck. Just when they thought that it was their time, back come Armstrong and Basso. Look out for Jan Ullrich in a bike race near you soon.

For the youngsters, it must be a bit like being told you’ve won the National Lottery, only for someone to turn around and tell you that there’s in fact been a big mistake.

But perhaps – who knows? – the younger generation will be better than the old guard. After all, time waits for no man – not even Armstrong – so let’s wait and see just how good he and Basso are now.

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