Cycling – it might not be a laughing matter for Dave Gorman…

Comedian to ride length and breadth of Britain in September

Dave Gorman - ready to ride

Riding a bike often brings a smile to my face. That’s why I do it. For instance, last week I went mountain biking for the first time in years, fell off several times, but got home with a big grin. And then there’s the time I slid into the canal…Comedian Dave Gorman also tends to leave me with a stupid grin too, so the combination of a top comedian and a bike obviously tickles my funny bone.


Eh? Yep, Gorman the hugely successful ‘conceptual’ comedian behind Are you Dave Gorman?, Googlewhack Adventure and America Unchained is combining cycling with jokes. Now, before you start worrying about rubbish jokes like that one about different paving materials in the pub…come on you know the one…punchline ‘watch out he’s a cycle path’…no?…oh well. Anyway, that’s not what Gorman will be doing. On August 30 he embarks on a 32 night tour in Truro and will ride his Boardman bike between each venue. 

His plan is to visit the four ‘corners’ of the British mainland which means he’ll be pedalling around 1500 miles in 32 days. Not bad going. Although the tour is called Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up don’t go along expecting hours of bicycle related hilarity – you’ll need to come and watch our designer Ben trying to fold a folder for that – as Gorman says the stand up bit isn’t about the journey.


Coincidentally, there must be something about comedians and exercise at the moment as Eddie Izzard is currently running 30 miles a day six days a week for seven weeks. All for Sport Relief. Good work fella!