Day in the life of Sam ‘Leopardhead’ pilgrim

More tricks, flips and an off that almost results in a loss of 'tackle' from the king of dirt...

We might be in the off season but its still been a pretty busy couple of months for me. I spent a bit of time with Grant and Oli Fielder the other month as they hosted an awesome Halloween party and we did some serious trail sessions on their local riding spots.


But I was recently blown away when I revisited an old jump spot I used to ride when I was 14. One of my mates told me about a new jump there so I had to check it out. Standing in the place of my old jumps was a wicked fly out.

The jump wasn’t massive, in fact, it was quite small but the takeoff was so steep that I was able to get some really good height and I was able to do most tricks on it from tuck-no-handers to flip whips.

It was cool being able to chill out with a load of riders and not to have to think about what tricks to pull, like I do when I’m at contests. Having said that I did start getting my stunt head on after a while and tried some backflip no foot cans.

I landed a few of these but then crashed one of them causing my handlebar to go through my trousers and my boxers and cut me perilously close to my dangly bits!

But this didn’t end my day, we carried on until dark and had one the coolest sessions of the year. Day’s like that can be the best, so I totally recommend checking out your old riding spots every now and again – you might be suprised at what you find… Tell us about it below if you like.

Right that’s it from me. I’ll be back soon to tell you about my recent trip to Germany where I did a bit of training and riding at Munich’s Indoor Bike Park.


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