Dear Santa…

MBUK's Christmas wishlist

Santa's coming to town

We know Santa’s real. How else do you explain him granting our wish for Rage Against the Machine at number one?


So, seeing as he’s delivered already, we thought we’d be cheeky and ask for a top up.

Here’s a few of our Christmas wishes for Friday…


  • Snow for playing in on bikes and snow planks
  • A pair of winter gloves with a proper thin palm, but still keep my paws (scroll down) warm


  • Some BOS suspension for my new Giant Glory
  • My right wrist to regain full operational strength. Insert your own joke here.
  • A Santa Cruz Blur 4X frame to pop up on ebay in my size, that hasn’t been reamed yet is still cheap.
  • A SRAM XX rear cassette. Boxer-soilingly beautiful object which I’d probably just keep on my desk to look at and erm, covet.


  • A shiny new Fender bass (I wish!)
  • A warm jumper to replace the one I shrunk
  • Nirvana Live At Reading on DVD
  • Fluffy slippers
  • A Terry’s Chocolate Orange


  • A white Christmas!
  • Another office ride in January
  • An XC helmet apart from the brilliant Met Chaos that actually fits my giant head. A little choice would be nice.
  • And gloves that fit my freakishly long fingers while we’re at it!
  • Especially if they’re Troy Lee’s Ace girly rhinestone studded jobbies.

Here’s hoping you get what you’d like from the big man. Merry Christmas!