Get some Winter Sun action at Switchbacks in Spain

You know the score- it's raining outside, again. Today it's raining so hard you even get wet from the rebound. Yesterday it was good old fashioned horizontal rain in horrendous conditions. Wonder what it'll do tomorrow? Stuff that- get on a queezyjet flight down to Spain and reap the benefits of high altitude All mountain, Freeride and DH riding- in a region that sees more sunny days than Bridgend. But then you'll have guessed that already...


Winter Downhilling in the sun!? Thought that it wasn’t possible other than the odd uplift weekend in the thick mud and rain here in the UK? Not anymore. In response to popular demand by riders looking for a location to ride their bigger bikes in the winter, Switchbacks in Spain has launched

It's in the name...
This place ain;t called switchbacks for nothing…: it’s in the name…
Steve Behr

Open between November and March, the trails are suited for bikes of 6″ plus of travel with either single or double clamp forks- Imagine chair-lifting up in the bright sunshine of southern Spain in Feb when all is cold, dark and wet here, and glugging cold beers at the end of the day by the beach.

There are trails to suit all levels of rider and is a great place for important pre-season training without breaking yourself or riders who are venturing out into DHing. With as much as 30,000ms of dry singletrack descending in a long weekend why wait to book?

Mike- the mad Canadian
The hero shot: mike- the mad canadian
Steve Behr
They got it.
You want rock slabs?: they got it.
Steve Behr
Thank this man for being able to ride here...
Mike saunders taking a stroll: thank this man for being able to ride here…

Switchbacks have two locations- the gravity fed Southern location, and the All-Mountain haven up in the Sierra Nevada region- at the stunning mountain town of Bubion. Having the finest steak around, and trails to match even the burliest of riders, everyone will benefit from some winter razzing here. Choose the easy option and get uplifted for hours of descending, or order the man-sized option and ride back up again on the mountain roads. With the altitude against you, you’ll soon strengthen up your lungs and will be able to tear the legs off your mates back home…

The lazy view from here
Steve behr snaps: the lazy view from here
Stirring, isn't it?
Another hero shot: stirring, isn’t it?
Steve Behr
Nice eh?: scope for freeride…
Doesn;t look like this in Wolverhampton, does it?
The veiws are like this every evening: doesn;t look like this in wolverhampton, does it?
Steve Behr
Doddy in fast sliding shocker
Rooooooost!: doddy in fast sliding shocker
Steve Behr
XC, DH or just chilling. Do it all here...
Will longden, shredding: xc, dh or just chilling. do it all here…
Steve Behr

We’re off to Switchbacks for a winter session soon , so keep an eye out for some video action and plenty of hot stories in MBUK. Until then, check out their site for full details…


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